View Full Version : Pre-Order Content False Advertising

12-11-2013, 10:09 PM
After submitting a ticket and finally calling, I found out that the Amazon version I pre-ordered does not, in fact, have the Mystery Island DLC. That, apparently, was only available in the digital download versions of those games. So, while I got the Kraken Stuff, and figurine, the island is apparently not in the hard copy game, only the digital download, which makes NO sense at all, since all the files are supposedly already on the DVD and just have to be unlocked.

I have to say, I've been SOOO disappointed with this release. As a die-hard AC fan, this has been tragic. I'm told by customer service that since I bought the Season Pass, eventually all the islands will be unlocked as a part of that package. Time will tell, but I have the feeling the CS person just didn't want to have to deal with it..For now, the promised additional pre-order island is a no go for those of us who didn't download it and chose to get the DVD. Bummer and sorry Ubi, but you can't put the responsibility for that on the vendors. Honestly I don't know if the CS rep knows what they are talking about in this case. Why Ubi would make it available on the Digital download and not on the DVD is just silly. When I activated the game, the content should have unlocked, too. I'm sure I am not alone in my disappointment at being mislead.