View Full Version : support for extended custom resolution and window modes

12-11-2013, 07:06 PM

Is it only me or are there also others that want the abilty to choose and or toggle between window mode or extended resolution like
1920x950 or 1920x800 like in Tomb raider and some other games even in Farcry 3 it is supported which brings a better performance gain and even
render at some HD style outlines sharpness etc.
And window mode also for incase you want to play AC4 BF with example media player skipping with mouse or other things paints or notes moments
and also there is a performance gain.
(I did try to set it at lower resolution compared to my native 1080p as I changed it in my card menu control panel to have a custom resolution
and chose it ingame in option but when applied it changes to some very thin resolution x 500 or resolution x 600 and the view of 3 monitors where as the compass stays very near middle and I do got the view but it is not right.
I only have 1 monitor and here it shows on mine like it is in 3.