View Full Version : My "Pretty Please Fix This" Wish List for Ubisoft

12-11-2013, 06:13 AM
1) Please fix the Abstergo Challenges. As many users have come to learn, it doesn't matter how many enemies you kill while unarmed, using hidden blades, single sword, dual swords, throwing knife, axe, bezerk dart, rope dart, sleep dart, swivel cannon, etc. You aren't going to get credit for using all 9 weapons. Many of us are stuck at 99/100 on the Abstergo Challenges because the weapon glitch won't allow you to get past 8/9 weapons used. After update 1.03 came out, I finally got my checkmark for completing the weapon challenge. Alas, the checkmark is worthless as it does not trigger the Abstergo Challenge counter to register 100/100. So now I have checkmarks next to all the challenges, with the counter still showing 99/100.

2) Please fix the social events. There are no social chests, royal convoys or white whales showing up anywhere. Not sure why these aren't being generated anymore, please bring them back. Related to this issue, please look into why players get notifications telling them they've discovered a royal convoy and to check the map to locate the convoy icon only to find that no such icon appears anywhere on the map.

3) Please start making community challenges available. There was a community challenge a while back where players needed to combine to assassinate something like 20,000,000 enemies. Since then (roughly a month ago) I haven't seen one community challenge. If you are going to make the unlocking of certain game items contingent on participating in these events, please actually have the events.

4) Get control of your leaderboards. I've seen a number of threads on this issue as well. Many users would like to see the hacks blocked / banned from the boards. Currently players who have interest in competing on the leaderboards have 2 options. You can either cheat your way into a tie for 1st, or remain buried under the avalanche of fake scores with no hope of ever moving up. Unless Ubisoft takes action they are telling users they feel it's acceptable that your choices are cheating or getting hosed by those who do. I've seen a thread where a user posted a suggestion that Ubisoft look into a move made by a non-profit organization. They applied an algorithm to the leaderboards of another popular game which successfully defeated the posting of scores by dishonest users who were using coding to transmit the maximum possible value to the servers. I hope they look into it.

Overall I love the game. My compliments to Ubisoft for creating such an intricate and enjoyable game. If these items got cleaned up I would enjoy it even more.

12-11-2013, 06:40 AM
I was expecting more unreasonable complaints about the story and gameplay not being up to a particular person's preference grade....but these are all legit concerns about glitches and technical issues. I am pleasantly surprised...and I agree. They should fix all these things.

12-11-2013, 07:20 AM
5) I noticed that when Blackbeard or Honigold board you ship (early on) they stand like statues, no movement at all. Once I crashed my ship and Hornigold was jolted and faced sideways, and he stayed looking sideways for the rest of the mission. And he'd passionately talk to me about boarding and such facing the same sideways manner. One of the funniest things I've ever seen. Have a look:


Please fix this. I was laughing during this mission way more than the devs intended me to, lol.

12-11-2013, 07:34 AM
1) - This one is really annoying! I think there is a fix for this on Xbox, something like - if you delete your profile file, and then start the game, it rescans your info and recognises that you have 100/100,.

2) - They must be having some serious technical issues with this one.

3) - I think I heard some were that they weren't going start another community challenge until social events where fixed, but seeing as though most casual players have moved on and social events don't seem to be getting fixed anytime soon, I wouldn't be surprised if they just made all community challenge items available in the next patch.

4) - This one doesn't really bother me, it happens in every game I ever play , so I've learn`t ignore leader boards , nevertheless it should definitely be fixed.

I think we can safely say all these issues are being worked on, whether or not they`'ll be fixed or not is another matter.