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12-11-2013, 02:10 AM
I was playing along and had done Tainted Blood and was going to follow the person to where he went, after the cine bit I had noticed looking through my items that I only had 4 assassins keys. I looked in Progress and noticed I totally missed any play in key 2 so with it being 0% memory I started over on the keys and done key2 and got the armour. I then quit out and restarted the game but when I looked at the map there was no Yellow Mission disc for the next part of Seq12 so I went in and did Tainted Blood again in the memory and at the end of it after the cine bit when I said we will follow him to "spoiler" I check the map again and again no Yellow dics indicator for the next part of seq12.

Do I just go to the plac and he''ll be there or do I have to have the next mission indicator on the map ???