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12-10-2013, 02:38 AM
So, in my last series I suggested, among other things, that we get:

* Cards that create more synergy between Air and Earth (helping heroes like Kat)
* 2-drops that Invokers can use with their curve (1 might, 2 magic creatures that cost 2 resources)

We didn't get any of these in the expansion, making the Earth-Air heroes still weak and the Invokers all marginal (unless they run OTK)

For expansion 5 I would like to still reiterate that we:

* Still need some useful 2 drops that fit the Invoker curve (1 might, 2 magic)
* Still lack some spells you can use that synergies between Air and Earth.

To recap on the Air-Earth problem: Earth has a theme to make your cards Anchored, Air has a theme to move them around. The two contradict each other currently, but this doesn't have to be the case. Once there is some actual synergy between the cards (Air spells that target non-Anchored, for example) heroes like Kat and Zoulika will rise up in viability.

Five towers added many cards that would be useful IF the game wasn't dominated by Rush. The 5th expansion (or new base set) should add more options for the mid-game to beat Rushes.

The typical model used in CCGs is:

Mid-game decks beat Rush decks. Late-game decks beat Mid-game decks. Rush decks beat late-game decks.

In DoC we get the feeling however that it is inverted:

Mid-game decks beat Late-game decks. Late-game decks beat Rush decks. Rush decks beat mid-game decks.

Since rush is predominant, given that your base sets are rush-focused (Haven, Inferno are very rush, and Necro can be Rush or Attrition), this is your "base" deck type in the game. There are far more rush decks than anything else simply because these are the starting decks everyone gets. The starting Haven deck suffers most, because they are effective when they can rush (Wolf Captains) but they lack these cards in the base set and can't win through a late-game strategy vs. the rushes.

It would actually be preferable if Rush beat Late game and Mid game beat rush because these would be the two predominant deck types: Rush and Mid-game. Whereas now you have Late game and Rush being the two dominant archetypes (for the most part).

To remedy the situation, you can simply add some "smart" 1, 2 and 3 drops for decks that want to promote the
late game. 1 drops in particular are vital.

We got in 5T a small quantity of 1 drops, and both of them are excellent at promoting the late game. We need a lot more of these.

We also need some events that promote mid game instead of promoting rush. Nearly all the events promote rush. There is one event that reduces magical attack, but it costs a lot to play and is very circumstantial.

Being able to break a rush means that you have to be able to, at some point, counter at least 2+ cards played by your opponent, with 1 card played by you. This could be by having a creature that requires two attacks, or two spells. Attack+spell is questionable since only 1 card was used to kill your creature, putting you at no health loss, but back to "disadvantage".

I think this is the most important thing for the next set: better promotion of mid/late game decks and "smart" counters to rushes.

In addition to promoting mid/late games there should be more cards that help support big-creature plays.

Here are some example ideas, from all of the above. It would take a lot of time to do this for each faction, so I am picking one: Haven, as the example:

Haven - Melee
Grif Baron
0 attack, 1 retaliation, 3 life
The resource cost of creatures for all players is set to a minimum of 3.
Blocks rushes, cheap 1 drop

Haven - Magical Flyer
Midnight Spirits
1 might, 2 magic
0 attack, 2 retaliation, 5 life
Creatures that attack Midnight Spirits lose Immune to Retaliation until the end of their turn.
Card for Invoker curve, high health provides solid blocker

Haven - Melee-Shooter
Light bearer
2 might, 2 destiny
0 attack, 2 retaliation, 5 life
The resource cost of creatures you deploy with 5 might or more are reduced by 1.
High health gives good early game, helps you deploy big creatures (stack several for big discounts)

And here are spell and event examples:

Tempest Wraith
4 cost
4 magic
All Creatures that are not Anchored take 4 damage.
Direct synergy between air and earth. use this as a second insect swarm for control, with the added potential that you can exclude some of your units from the effect if they are anchored by earth/water effects.

Shrilling Cold
All Creatures deployed this turn take 1 damage.
Useful for spell control decks to soften up creatures as they land.

Week of shortages
All creatures deployed this turn have their base attack permanently lowered by 1.
Useful for decks that want high life and low attack creatures, like Haven or other mid/late game decks; like Necro Attrition or ability-focused decks.

12-11-2013, 09:43 PM
Nice!! also they need to add 2vs2.

12-12-2013, 12:03 AM
i'm new at game and want to make a upgrade to my deck ... which is the best pack to buy??? i have 1425 sells and 70000 of gold

12-12-2013, 03:12 PM
I'm only in the 1000-1100 elo range...but especially your creature ideas seem absolutely gamebreaking for anybody using creatures at all and not playing haven...ridiculous
haven already has guard to all creature types and you still need more? wtf? just add a 0 cost, 0 requirement card "I WIN": deck only needs hero + 1 card, when you play "I WIN" you win