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12-10-2013, 01:05 AM
Hello all,

So what is your best and worst moment playing HOMMK?

Even though I haven't been playing for too long here are mine:

BEST: My best moment probably has to be when I closed my 2nd Rift? The 1st one is kind of cheating since it's part of the PvE tutorial or beginning game whatever, so when I finally got enough units to close the 2nd rift, I may have done a small cheer ^^

WORST: Probably when I forgot to set a hero to patrol and my mines got pillaged like no other against those Dark Elves. I did a facepalm.

[GM] IIConnorsII

12-10-2013, 02:58 AM
Leading my first alliance in my first War for Tears world in S1, organizing into a cohesive force after starting 8 grails down. Finished 2nd place with 17 (out of 18) grails and the winning team fighting for their lives. We never quite got there (victory timer ran out because leading team had more than 13 grails), but it was a heck of a fight and some of the best moments I've experienced in the game.

Early Season 3, when runic fortresses were involved in PVP. Lead an alliance of highly skilled players who all agreed that we were going to try to win without holding any runic fortresses (grails and alliance PVP points only). Held steady as the number 5 or 6 alliance in spite of ignoring the runic fortresses completely. Neighbor was the #1 alliance who decided that we were an excellent target. We held our own for months, and then the seal store came into being. Shortly thereafter, the border was completely settled by enemies taking one tile at a time. Armies sprung up out of nowhere due to vestige diving, and our secure grail core wound up barely one halt away from the border. I held the line with one or two others in the alliance, requiring nearly constant vigilance for the entire day. Every border update could have been our last if we lost a certain key tile, so we had to keep our troops in constant danger to keep the area of influence. The game went from fun and manageable to a complete grind, and each addition to the seal store made our situation worse. Eventually my grail was attacked by a much larger army, a monostack of 8M versus my total army of 7M (across 5 stacks). Constant border battles (although I came out ahead on nearly all of them) kept my army size much smaller than it should have been. My defender managed to repel this superior army, and the opposing alliance leader offered a truce out of respect. I gladly accepted and went to sleep. I let my subscription end at this point too without resubscribing. The enemy alliance members continued to settle the border in spite of my protests, and sure enough they renegged on their truce once they were better fortified. At that point I was unwilling to continue fighting and took a break from the game for several months.

You might note that both my best and worst moments were fighting "from behind" against a superior force. The difference between the two experiences was, in the "worst" case, our predicament was created by a situation that was completely out of our control.

12-10-2013, 11:19 AM
My best was when against all odds my alliance won the first S3 world. And we used really few seals then, personally I reassigned one hero and moved some towns to the core because we were really scattered at the beginning.

My worst was when I finally realized that this game had been broken beyond repair. It was and it will be the only time when I click on the "Stop renewal" button because I know that I will never pay again a single cent for this game.

12-10-2013, 11:53 AM
BEST: Some nice battles against non-yellow heroes with pure strategy involved, even when I lost some. It's still always fun when army sizes are big :) Hopefully I would get atleast good moments from the French strategy world, if only people would switch from European to there so we could actually get it started early next year !!!

WORST: Since I started this when S3 came, pretty much everything :) Atleast after yellow skills + arti market, it's been total disaster mostly. Now it's just horrible, normal worlds are beyong playable when/if they have people in them. Only the biggest wallets win anymore :/

12-10-2013, 05:18 PM
Best: S3-I finished 10th in honor rankings in my last PvP world. S4-I built the grail in round 3 on my PvP server. I had about 3 million troops total (in 7 stacks), and a player attacked with 2.2 million trees. This player had equipped the hero with destructive magic and dragon knight (I forget what the third skill on this hero was-but it was a protector hero). I was able to turn away this player even though s/he obviously had spent lots of seals on the hero (he was equipped with nice artifacts that increased his attack by ~20 and boosted his implosion/fireball). Then someone else attacked with 3 million each of djinn, magi, and raja and I was not able to set up my defense in time so I lost.

Worst: In an S3 world, I had built a grail. I turned away the first attacker (who had a stronger army than me). Then Markal came a calling. There was no way that I could have actually won the battle. His scourge wiped out half of my troops, then his phoenix summoned over half of my troops back to fight my remaining stacks. The army he brought didn't even do anything except allow him to get into battle and cast the spells. He lost 1 peasant (while he cast the scourge). That is when I decided that I would never pay to play until all bonuses were removed from the game or at least equalized. In S4, my biggest disappointment is that the worlds are so empty...