View Full Version : Advice for Sea Battle and Fast Travel

12-08-2013, 06:40 PM
1. I've just gotten to the point to start sea battles and I am getting my butt kicked every time. Any advice on how to correctly fight a brigate? The smaller ships I can deal with but the larger "protectors" I need to get my metal quota seem hard to kill and it is frustrating.

2. Where/How do you fast travel in the game?

12-08-2013, 08:16 PM
You can use fast travel by switching to the map and move your pointer over a location where you synced the viewpoint. But I think fast travel is only available after the second or third sequence.

For better chances during battle you need to upgrade your ship.

12-08-2013, 10:05 PM
Upgrade ship parts useful specifically in battle with ships. That would be the Hull, Broadside Cannons, Swivel Guns, and Chase Guns. You can also upgrade the Ram, but ramming can get you in trouble if you're not great at maneuvering and using the ship weapons.

There are no upgrades for maneuverability, but knowing how to steer the ship helps a lot. It takes several taps of W and D to speed up and slow down to make turning faster. Think of the water as mud that can become a rut or groove you get into when at speed. To counter that you need to tap D a couple times to slow down a couple notches from full speed to make the fully billowed sails easier to turn, and the keel and rudder easier to carve a turn. Steering in water is a whole different dynamic than steering in a car. There's quite a bit of force of water and wind to deal with. You have to reduce that force by slowing.

One of the biggest things to know that becomes apparent on one of the objectives in an early mission is you need to buy Heavy Shot to even be able to do a Heavy Shot cannon blast, and the game doesn't even tell you how to do it. It also helps to upgrade Heavy Shot storage. You can get Heavy Shot at any Harbor Master. To use Heavy Sot you need to be at very close range, close enough for the cannon ball icon to show in the lower right of the screen. Then you just tap the fire button, as there's no aiming with heavy shot, they're large barrel fixed cannons. Also, be aware of your relative height compared to the other ship when firing Heavy Shot. If you're riding high on a wave, the blast may miss it's hull. If the other ship is riding high on a wave, the blast may hit the water. The most effective hits are low hull damage, but with Heavy Shot, just try to be right along side the full length of the ship and at the same height to maximize shot coverage.

If a Brig or Frigate is being escorted by Gunboats, take them out first with your Chase Guns followed by Swivel Guns. Position yourself behind the Brig or Frigate while doing so. If need be aim the Broadside Cannons at Gunboats on your periphery that may be coming toward you. Another good strategy is to whisk in quickly in the opposite direction of the Brig or Frigate, and when right along side it fire your Heavy Shot at it. Then when at a good distance behind it, come about and use your other guns mentioned on the smaller boats. Keep attacking the bigger ship from behind, ideally at a 45% angle. This is their blind spot, where you can really pummel them with Broadside Cannons followed by the Swivel Gun. Heavy Shot is best used as a first shot before a battle starts, or if a ship manages to get along side you, but try to avoid the latter, as they can fire Heavy Shot too.

Fire Barrels rarely come into play once you master ship battles, but once in a while they can be effective. Offensively they don't do much good. If you're in the position of fleeing, the other ship's Chase Cannons will do more harm to you than your barrels to them, as once you fire them they slow and turn to avoid them. For this reason Fire Barrels really only allow you to flee easier if you get into trouble. That said, if you get a bigger ship in a panic and it launches Fire Barrels while chasing it, you can sometimes effectively use them against them or smaller escorts by firing your Swivel Guns at them when they're near. For the most part don't count on Fire Barrels in ship battles though, offensively or defensively.

Once you've upgraded your Heavy Shot and Swivel Guns to Advanced level, a single Brig can be taken out with one Heavy Shot Blast followed by a few Swivel Gun shots, taking zero damage in the process. When initiating a battle, make sure the conditions are right. Do not do so near land, as it takes a lot of visual focus to keep track of the ships, and in doing so you can inadvertently run into shore if you're not careful, which does a lot of damage to your ship and can leave you a sitting duck until you get moving again. Don't sit idle unless you're a good ways behind or in the blind spot of a ship, and speed up to get out of smoke if it obscures your aim of Broadside Cannons. Don't take on ships in bad situations like storms, near forts, or in packs with multiple big ships until you hone your skills, but once you do, it's possible to take out a few big ships easily, especially if you board and repair as you go.