View Full Version : *SPOILERS* Is it me, or does (Adwe's) characterization get a bit muddled later on?

12-08-2013, 05:27 PM
I just passed the point where I reached the observatory and get backstabbed by Roberts, following a really well done segment where Edward reflects on his actions and realizes he's only been chasing personal gain and is now, all alone.
I dig that, but thinking about it, certain things are off. Most specifically, I think our black quartermaster Adwe is acting strange.

He's like your golddigger wife for the first half of the game:

Kenway: "We're going on a little detour."

Adwe: "I'm sure the crew will be fine with that as long as we pick up some plunder along the way." (in other words, cause chaos, steal cargo, kill enemy sailors."

Kenway: "The observatory will make us all rich."

Adwe: "Stop chasing fairytales captain. The crew is getting restless and so am I."

And you know, he's right. If I had a pirate crew, swarthy men out for riches one and all, I'd grow tired of a captain chasing legends and hanging out with weird cults as well. Its plunder we be wanting!

Then suddenly Adwe starts with: "It's hard sailing for a man who cares for nothing but personal glory and gain." "I wanna join the Assassins!"
Say whaaa? Well isn't that like the big black kettle calling the pot black! Are you a 12 year old girl? Contrast "get us some plunder" with "Personal gain is bad" and "Stop chasing fairytales" with "Let's join a secretive order."

I can understand Kenway's change of heart, but what happened to Adwe? And why would the crew be happy with such a change of course? Did they have the exact same soul searching experience while I was drunk off my ***? He always made it seem like searching for the observatory was fruitless because there would probably be no profit if it even existed, not because he had this deep rooted desire to dress in white and jump around in hay all this time.
This game is ruined if it turns out that - once again - every friendly NPC I ever stumbled across was actually an Assassin: Adwe, the crew, every shipwreck I ever picked up, every drunk sailor I ever hired and that three-legged dog I once petted.
Next time I'm on the ship, I want to ask my crew if anyone but me can see Adwe. He might be a figment of imagination personifying my conscious. Its just too convenient that he's constantly one step ahead of Kenway's character development.

... and now that I think about it, I've never actually seen Adwe do anything physical in the world. :eek:
My god Ubisoft you're a genius! I mistook Adwe's poor characterization for poor writing!

12-08-2013, 05:32 PM
Adewale's change doesn't occur until you go to Tulum. It's there Ade talks to Ah Tabai and his character changes. He also goes back to Tulum while Edward is marooned on Isla Providencia, I assume to learn more.

12-08-2013, 05:51 PM
Yeah, there are a lot of holes in story around Adewale and all that will be explained in upcoming DLC in 10 days. But I can understand you, it is very frustrating when you are playing missions and see drastic changes that happened to Adwe and you're like wtf when did this happen lol...

12-08-2013, 07:10 PM
Freedom Cry is 3 hours long and most of that is us running around killing people and rescuing slaves. Maybe 20 minutes will be cutscenes. So what's the likelihood we'll get more characterization for Adéwalé? Aveline's DLC in AC4 didn't do anything for her character, either. I'm not counting on it advancing the story at all beyond just letting the players play as someone other than Edward for 3 hours (probably more like 2). At most, we might get more of a look into Adéwalé's pre-Jackdaw days, but even that would be limited due to how short the DLC is.
Adéwalé's change does seem so abrupt. How can a guy go from wanting to pillage and plunder like a pirate to suddenly having a change of heart in such a short time? We see nothing that explains why he had a change of heart. Tulum's not much of a reason. I'm sure Adéwalé saw worse in the years before that so why would an attack on an Assassin encampment change his mind? Slaves were often slaughtered, too. You'd think he'd have this mindset from the get go if that's the case, not later on. Only reason I can see for that happening is that the Assassins (likely Mary Read) saved Adéwalé from Calico Jack before he was resold into slavery and he felt he owed them, then when Adéwalé ditches Edward in Principé to when he finds Edward drunk off his rear on the beach, he was cooling it in Tulum with Ah Tabai to pay back his debt. I really wanted to see Edward punch Adéwalé for stealing the Jackdaw and tell him he's never to come back on board his ship ever again or at least have Adéwalé explain why he just left. But nope. Now that was a terrible scene. Months of depression and drinking and all Edward can say is that he's glad to see a thief who stole his ship and left him to die on Principé at the hands of Black Bart?
This still doesn't explain the rest of the crew. Adéwalé had the Jackdaw from probably late 1719 or early 1720 to sometime in 1721 so the crew had plenty of time to kick Adéwalé to the curb and take the Jackdaw for themselves. So why did they go along with it? Did Adéwalé threaten to turn them into shark bait if they didn't? Granted, the crew's all a bunch of sheep/cannon fodder. They probably didn't care as long as they got paid. But Assassins have little resources compared to the Templars so why would the crew want to join the Assassins rather than flip Adéwalé off and go join the Templars or at least another ship? I'm sure several would've just flipped off Adéwalé and just took the King's pardon instead rather than take orders from him. Then there's the fact that Adéwalé's African. Edward states earlier that the crew wouldn't listen to him so why would the crew suddenly do so after Edward ended up in prison? You'd think the crew would be pressing Adéwalé to step down, appoint a new captain, or even find Edward rather than take orders from a black man. Did Adéwalé replace the entire crew with Assassins in that (roughly) 1 1/2 year span? If so, then why would the crew suddenly take Edward back as a captain? Even if they weren't Assassins, if Adéwalé replaced enough of the crew in that time frame with people who did accept him, then, again, why would they take Edward back?
Discrimination is pretty deeply ingrained in some areas. Look at the American south. Even 50 years after Martin Luther King Jr, there's STILL anti-black attitudes there. The laws regarding interracial marriage were still enforced even after they were taken off the books. Governor of New York is certainly making waves with his black wife. If discrimination were a thing of the past, that'd be old news and no one would care. Yet it made headlines. The job market is certainly discriminatory toward blacks. Education, legal justice, medical. There is so much discrimination, today and then, that Adéwalé makes no sense from the time of Edward's abandonment on Principé to Adéwalé finding him. Would've made more sense for the crew to have kicked Adéwalé off the Jackdaw on some island, had him get rescued by the Assassins, and then he retook the Jackdaw just as he found Edward.
I'm not thrilled with Adéwalé myself, especially after Aveline's lack of development in her DLC. Freedom Cry will be out shortly so guess we'll see if I'm wrong, but frankly, Ubisoft could've done something more with Edward rather than just jumping ship to another character to end the game with instead. That's like going to see a movie such as the Avengers and the last 5 minutes is The Hulk instead ... the 2004 version, not the more recent one.

12-08-2013, 09:41 PM
Because, Kidd told Adewale to be cautious or he'll "sink with this bilge rat."