View Full Version : Ancient Egypt: Where the next Assassin's Creed adventure might take place

12-07-2013, 07:29 PM
As a passionate fan of the Assassin's Creed Series I have loved how the series connects to the past, and has allowed us to re-live experiences that we have only read about and given us the joy to experience them first hand. I like the idea of the possibility of a secret society having kept under wraps pieces of history that are now only considered legend or myths. In this discussion I want to travel to Ancient Egypt and reveal possible suggestions for where and when I would like the next Assassinís Creed adventure to take place. As someone who is passionate about such a sophisticated civilization as Ancient Egypt, I would love to relive the peak of the golden age as it was back then and be able to relive this experience in the Assassinís Creed World. I feel that this would connect very well into the series and it would excite a lot of fans around the world.

Main Idea:
From being able to synchronize on top of the great pyramids to exploring hidden golden tombs with hieroglyphs on the walls and booby traps and finding lost treasures that were never explored by bandits, this place in time is a perfect civilization to tie into the franchise. I would love to see Cleopatra as the head of the Assassins or being able to do Assassins contracts for Pharaohs. This would be an ideal time in Egypt to also include Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. I would love to be able to explore the deserts dodging sandstorms and quicksand. I would also love to see the real face of the Sphinx before it was destroyed by Napoleons troops on their trip to Egypt long afterwards according to archaeologists and I would love to discover different beliefs of the true use of the Sphinx. Possibly there could be a connection to the first civilization or it could dig into the mysticism of the gods such as Osiris, Anubis, and Ra to name a few. I would also love to travel on the Nile on boats and the possibility of Traveling to Greece since it was very common for Egyptians to do so. I would also love to see the story tying into the beginning of Ancient Greece which has another rich culture altogether that would make this an extremely successful franchise. Ancient Greece had a powerful Navy that would be an interesting place for gamers to explore and personally I would love to travel through the lionís gate and see the original Parthenon before it was in ruins.

I would love to reach out to Ubisoft and reveal possible suggestions for where and when I think is a perfect setting for the next Assassinís Creed adventure to take place. Ancient Egypt offers an incredible setting with a rich mystical mythology along with the richest culture which also follows in the footsteps of the eras that have been the landscape of Assassins Creeds major stories. As a passionate fan of the Assassins Creed franchise I find this era very fascinating and I am eager to play Assassins Creed in this part in time and I believe it would also be exciting for a lot of fans around the world. I hope this discussion reaches the Ubisoft team and offers useful suggestions if they have not already been considered. I am not someone who blogs on the regular so I am not interested in debating with spectators on the subject. My only interest is to reach out to the Ubisoft team and offer useful suggestions and let them handle the rest. Thank you for your time and I hope you have found this useful.