View Full Version : Cannot Let Go Of The Wheel In High Waves?

NeoMorph WTH
12-06-2013, 06:12 AM
Seriously... who made up this stupid rule that even a slight swell constitutes high waves. I was just about to this other ship to attack it myself when this stupid message comes up... and the skies are blue (ie no storm) and the ship is gently bobbing and yet THE STUPID GAME THINKS IT'S STILL IN A DARNED STORM.

God... I freakin love most of this game but when I come across stupid rules like this it makes me want to spit.

Sooooo... Can someone tell me the thinking regarding this? Why can't Edward put his 2IC on the wheel. Would make a lot more sense. I can MAYBE understand in storms but "high waves"???? Totally wrong imho.