View Full Version : PS4 - trophies bugged

12-06-2013, 02:07 AM
Hello everyone!

I got a little problem here.. everything started pretty good.
Got the trophy for seq. I and II straight away but then after a little pause (like one day only side-questing and stuff) seq. III has not been awarded to me. :(

Same thing with some others:

"Killer Killer" - Harpoom a killer whale. (Did this like 10 times now, still no trophy :/)
"Mer-man" - Swim a total of 1 nmi. (Got the Abstergo-Challenge for 2nmi but not this trophy)
"Routine Hacking" - Complete present day mission 2. (Got the one for the 3rd mission..)

So basicly what I am wondering.. am I the only one with this issues or are there more who have this problem/s?
If it helps.. I assume all 4 trophies I have tryed on the 4th of Dec. - a day later everything was ok but I still can't get those afterwards :/

Thanks in advance ;)