View Full Version : Please Retitle Game: Assassin's Creed 4 - Groundhog Day

12-05-2013, 04:54 PM
First off, 1st time AC player, fun game, lots of variety, amazing graphics, compelling story, etc. HOWEVER, I can't stand having to replay missions simply because of some lazy game programing and critical game errors. To the executive at Ubisoft who pushed this through the door. Shame on you. I hope you loose your job. Take that nerd diploma off your wall, throw it in the trash, and go back to school and take a business ethics class. To the QC person who let a game go public without fixing the critical bug about not being able to save your game. One word. FIRED.

How can you release a game that frequently doesn't remember hours of saved gameplay. I want my money back. This is ridiculous. No manual game save. Why? FAIL.
Autosave forcing you to reply static missions and lose hours of game progress. Not once, but multiple times. FAIL.
I've read your forum suggestions. Use a third party gamesaver is your answer. Really??? Why not pay gamesaver.com and incorporate their software in your faulty game? LAZY???
I've tried both online syncing and offline gaming (accessed via the game settings). It apparently doesn't matter, same lame result; "Oh I've been here before.... Wait a minute, this is a game save from 2 days ago. Nice one Ubi.

9/10 rating gamespot? For a game that won't save correctly? WTF???