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12-04-2013, 07:41 PM
Heyho pirates,
let's just start right ahead (this is just about the bad things):

What really annoys me when free running over a ship full of redcoats...is that Edward just can't run near an enemy without entering combat mode...Combat mode should be triggered with an extra button (like in former AC games, where you had to set a focus on a target, this was much better). The important thing is not that you can't leave the combat mode, no, but as soon as you stop for a moment, you'll enter immediately..
Next thing is the weapons wheel. I don't know why AC 4 doesn't provide one (or did I just not find it? Although I saw a video, showing a cross kind thing, but that seems to be gamepad only). EDIT: the last update has added a small inventory hud when switching through the weapons, much better now
What I really loved in Brotherhood was throwing heavy weapons. In AC4 you can pick them up, but they don't really seem to bring any advantages. That kinda...sucks :S
More Enemy Archetypes....from what I know there're like 5? Normal ones (spam attack, counter or disarm), fast ones (counter kill, or disarm kill), gunners (like normals, but able to shoot), heavy ones (disarm, kill) and generals (counter, then disarm, then kill)...Pretty lacking in variety..
The always same ways to cap a fort or a ship, yeah, sometimes is 2 captains instead of one, sometimes you gotta blow up the gunpowder...I understand that it's hard to make every ship special, but at least the forst could've had some differences.. Also it should be a little harder. I think it would be better if you'd have, for example, different options after winning over the fort, so could get money, craftings mats, or start liberating it, and you have to liberate it like 2-4 times to take it over completely. :cool:
I don't like that you can only have one ship. I guess it's a dynamic system, at least you are driving a few other ships during the game, but I'd like to be able to upgrade, and therefor start with a very weak one and make it hard to obtain new ones.
There are too little weapons for me. Yeah, 10 different swords, all kinds of pistols..but I mean weapon types. In AC3 you had much more weapons..I'd like to choose wether I play with one or two swords. Or maybe I want to use a rifle instead of 4 pistols? There's so many possibilities, why not...make them possible? :o
The assassination contracts are not designed very well..Most of the time you can just walk around the forbidden zone and use a berzerk dart on the target, his guards will do the rest ^^
Kenway's Fleet is kind of boring. I could imagine a much smaller fleet, but you can send your ships to contracts to places you can also visit, so maybe if there's an enemy city, you can let your men raze it and gain money (and could maybe help you taking over a fort). In return, the contracts should be much harder, so that you'll have to go help your ships.
On the very last, hunting should be harder or just provide more variation. In AC3 you destroyed the pelt when using a pistol or rifle to hunt. I think it would be cool, if you'd still destroy it when hitting the body, but leave it alright when hitting the head, so it's kind of a risk to use guns. Also, after upgrading your boat, you don't really have problems with hunting on the sea, and it's boring too, the only tricky one was the White Whale (which only I got a single time).

Otherwise I have to say, that the story seems pretty interesting (didn't play it through by now, only concentrating on raiding brits) and the islands are designed very beautifully.
Excuse my bad English, I'm Austrian and still training ^^
I don't think anyone important will ever read this, but I think these are the most (and maybe only major) mistakes of AC4.
So tell me what you think of my opinion / suggestions.

Lord Stuff

12-05-2013, 12:19 AM
The trouble is that what is bad for you is good for others....
On the ships I'm not good at combat and stumbling over another man to kill stops me losing too many crew... when I want to get to the mast I use a smoke bomb.
It's hard to compare to other AC games because they are all great for different reasons. :D
The enemies and the assassination contracts may be similar but it is all down to each player, yes we can just berserk each one but that would make it less interesting.... I try to only use darts on lookouts with rifles... then mix up my methods... stealth or air assassinations or hidden blade only... doing it only one way when we have a choice of weapons and ways to kill will seem like something is missing....
the forts I wouldn't mind if they were liberated by doing missions to gain power but then we would have had to wait another 6 months for the game to get here and I don't like waiting ;) but a few extra quests are always welcome.
I often use a rifle to shoot powder barrels at a distance or scouts on masts... they're laying around or I disarm a guard but yes they're not in our inventory.
Kenways fleet is this games version of assassins contracts... with the assassins you sent them off, they got promotion but we got no interaction... now we get the money still from the completed missions but we also get a little interaction which is a nice addition. So I think kenways fleet is a step in the right direction giving us a bit more input.
Hunting ? yes I liked hunting in AC3 but connor's way of life involved hunting... I would have liked more hunting but I think it would not have fitted in to this story line... which is why the harpooning was added and I like that and the diving bell as well... although I'd like a knife to stab sharks :D they keep attacking me.
The story is good and the island and the overall quality and attention to detail is very very good..
und Ihr Englisch ist viel besser als mein Deutsch :)

Although I am a brit..... I say sink them british man o' wars and show them no mercy :D

12-05-2013, 12:31 AM
I Forgot to add..... don't forget all the great new bits in the modern world like hacking and the messages on the monitors the barcodes to scan the audio messages, video messages and notes about desmond... there are a lot of things we might overlook while concentrating on something else...

12-06-2013, 02:05 PM
Thanks for answering!

I really liked reading your post :)

Kenway's Fleet sure is the new way of assassins contracts, but I think it would've been much better if we'd sometimes have to help them.
When you were running around in the Frontier in AC3, you sometimes had to help your own convoys, I loved that feature.

12-13-2013, 12:37 AM
Thanks for answering!

I really liked reading your post :)

Kenway's Fleet sure is the new way of assassins contracts, but I think it would've been much better if we'd sometimes have to help them.
When you were running around in the Frontier in AC3, you sometimes had to help your own convoys, I loved that feature.

Good point I really like the ac3 help the convoys... I'd forgotten that... yes that would have been good if edward received a message from a passing ship to say a ship from the fleet was in trouble and a location appeared on the map. we sailed to the location and took part in a sea battle. That would definitely have been excellent :D. If it had also been able to include friends in the battle it would have been even better.