View Full Version : Is the foliage tanking anyone else's frame rate?

12-03-2013, 09:00 PM
I just got a 780 SC ACX, and I'm running it with a 2500K at 4.3GHz and 8GB of RAM. Resolution is 2560x1440. I have the latest Nvidia drivers.

Really disappointed with the performance of this game. I can run AC3 at max (with low AA) at a solid 60fps. In AC4, I have to run environmental quality at low or my frame rate drops into the low 50s and 40s when I look at dense foliage. Anytime my frame rate drops below 60fps (even like 58fps), I get jutter and these wavy lines that go up and down the screen. I don't think it's screen tearing, though I do get screen tearing if I turn off v-sync (I'm forcing triple-buffered v-sync through D3DOverrider). So keeping it at 60fps is essential.

Here's where my settings are currently:

environmental quality: low
texture quality: high
shadow quality: high
reflection quality: normal
motion blur: off
ambient occlusion: off
god rays: low
volumetric fog: on
v-sync: off

I know some people have said that the "very high" environmental quality applies tessellation and generally tanks fps, but is anyone else having trouble running even "normal"? Anyone getting massive jutter and artifacts like wavy lines?

What are your specs, and how is the game running for you? Any fixes you've found?

I love this game, and it's so annoying that performance issues are souring the experience.