View Full Version : AC3 @ 6000x1080 Crosshair misalignment

12-03-2013, 06:10 PM
I'm new to the AC series. AC1 bored me within an hour, but AC3 was cheap enough on steam that I'm giving it a go. Anyway...

I'm using a multi-monitor setup. Bezel corrected resolution of 6000x1080. I just started chapter 2 of AC3 and I'm having issues targeting with firearms. The target indicator is WAAAAAAAY off.

Example. Lets say there are 5 men standing side by side, at 20 paces. Pointing my cross-hairs at the FEET of the leftmost man, brings me JUST in range to target the rightmost man. I then have to move the aim down and more left to target each successive man. In the end, It took me nearly an Hour of frustration trying to find the perfect spot to aim while shooting the barrel during the "Gun tutorial" section of the chapter.

This game is not exactly new, but I cannot find anyone else who has this problem.


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