View Full Version : Xbox One: Fix For Vanished Sanctified Secrets DLC

NeoMorph WTH
12-03-2013, 04:48 PM
So when my Drake's pistols went missing I was severely peed off.... Took a while of messing about and digging in menus but found out how to get it to work...

1. Go to the Xbox One home screen.
2. Highlight the AC4 tile and then press the menu button.
3. Click on Show Game Addons.
4. DELETE SACRIFICED SECRETS (don't worry, you will be able to reinstall it in a minute).
5. Once Deleted there will be a box saying Sacrificed Secrets with Install at the bottom. Click on it.
6. START ANOTHER GAME like FIFA14 if you have it (it forces AC4 out of suspend memory)
7. Start AC4 and it should tell you that Sanctified Secrets is now available again.
8. Job done.

Edit: It's SACRIFICED (not Sanctified darn it - I really need to get new glasses lol).

NeoMorph WTH
12-04-2013, 06:42 AM
Well this fix doesn't always work it seems. Happened to me again and now it refuses to re-appear.

12-04-2013, 07:30 AM
Well this fix doesn't always work it seems. Happened to me again and now it refuses to re-appear.

Maybe you will have to wait for FIFA15 to make in work? :p No seriously that sucks, and I am sorry for you and the others it happen (I saw that a lot od issues are there with the DLC/ULCs with the next gen consoles) . When you mention it did not reappear, that means that the Sanctified Secret doesn't come back too?

Did you try to claim a ticket from UBI support? Perhaps one of the mods will catch on your thread and help you with that one.

NeoMorph WTH
12-04-2013, 09:44 AM
I've tried everything. I was looking forward to finding the rest of the chests but now.... poof... gone. Paid for something that doesn't even appear in another play slot. IT JUST ISN'T LOADING.

The Xbox says it's installed though, which points to the game being a ***** about it. Before I unlocked the Templar Armour I could fudge it back into working but now... spent hours trying everything I can think of.

My next trick is to fully uninstall the game and reinstall it. But that takes FREAKIN FOREVER.

NeoMorph WTH
12-04-2013, 10:12 AM
OK... Here is a kicker... I just decided to load up the companion app on my iPad and guess what.... Sacrifice Island is showing up on there fine. It's obviously something wrong on my Xbox which could be either UBI's fault of Microsoft's fault. I do know that when I deleted the game it didn't mention anything about saves so I am HOPING that it didn't delete the save game as I was 50% completed (and that includes a lot of hours.

I know new consoles are buggy as hell, and I KNOW developing on new hardware is a pain. I'm like the doctor who has a kid in the hospital. They are the WORST.... and yeah, I can be ranty at this time of the year (cold doesn't like my disability or vice versa). I just hope they find out what is wrong.

o cochise o
12-14-2013, 04:10 AM
Did you ever get your DLC for sacrifice island? I have a code, have checked with both UBI and MS and it is valid and activated, I have uninstalled/reinstalled the addon over and over and still have never seen the SI icon on my minimap and that area is unavailable when I sail there.

I am playing on xboxone and am at sequence 5, memory 3, so I assume it should be avail by now.

Anyone solve this issue yet?