View Full Version : [PC] Creepy Eyeballs of a guard o.O

12-02-2013, 04:30 PM
Hey people,
i started Singleplayer today and got to Sequence 1 - Mission 3.
I recommend you to replay that mission, because it's funny as hell :D
Play through the mission until you and the three people are at that table, discussing
some templar stuff.
Look for the guard, standing a few steps away. Lock him with the Eagle Vision and disable the vision again.
Now get the guard between you and your camera. Most easy way to do this is:
mark the guard -> position yourself right behind him -> turn your camera so it's looking right on the other guys ->
your character-model is displayed, EXCEPT the eyeballs of this guard! They are shown abover the "layer" of Edward.
It looks pretty creepy and funny.
It only works with that particular guard. I tried it with a few other guys. No success.