View Full Version : Just beat AC4

12-02-2013, 02:13 PM
Loved the game, 72 hours full 100% sync except the last viewpoint in Lost bay says I got it and even got the achievement for finding all viewpoints but it won't update. Anyways I think the story was great ship battles were amazing and combat was ok....mostly because I think Conner was way more bad ***. Thousands of soldiers dead at my hands but NONE of them attacked me two at a time. I got 2 double counter kills the whole game. I can log into AC3 right now and only kill with double counters. That was really one of my favorite parts of that game. WTF!!!! Why tune down double counters??? I'm fighting in groups of 6 on one and they are attacking me literally 1 after another. Almost like we were dancing instead of fighting. Maybe consider patching that in the future. Thanks for a great Game.

12-02-2013, 03:00 PM
That is great going.... I won't get 100 % and definitely will not complete in less than 72 hours (as I desync a lot by dying ;)) but yes the game is awesome.

12-03-2013, 12:34 PM
Yea so far I got like 44% of the game done and I'm noticing that the fighting to me isn't as fluent, well, yer right it makes Conner seem to be one badass. I'd be attacking one guy and I'll have like several around me and here I am hitting the atk button and I'm still pounding on the atk button even when the game tells me I need to break the block that the guys behind me seem to like take their own sweet *** time in trying to atk me from the rear. But I'll admit when someone atks me via gun <sniper like> I still have a prob in seeing where it is if its off the screen. I know yer supposed to keep yer eyes moving all over the place but its kinda hard when yer playing on a huge screen. It's a minor annoyance and usually once I take out the trash he's dead even if there's no need for it cuz that sort of thing kinda pisses me off. Also, I'd be so much higher in the story but I've been doing quite a few of the side quests plus trying to get all the views as well. Kinda disappointed there as well with the views. I guess going up another foot scares a pirate but not a rouge.