View Full Version : Any word on a patch ETA?

12-02-2013, 08:25 AM
You guys had an extra month to release it on PC, why do we have game breaking issues like:

- game progression not saving. I have gotten all the way to kingston with a fully upgrades ship (i spent a good day farming materials), just to log out and find myself starting from the beginning again

- The blowgun, wrist blade bug where they stop functioning.

- Bug where the large axe wielding soldiers become invincible and you cant hit them with any melee weapons

- and of course the poor FPS issues. I am running a GTX 680 and an i5 processor overclocked to 4GHz, and im playing the game on medium. I get lag in all of the jungle areas with high, ultra settings.

I cannot play the game anymore, because I am frustrated with loosing my progress every time I play. I have to quit the game every half hour to ensure that my game properly saves each time.

And yes i have disabled cloud sync for save games. So that is not the issue. Its game related, i logged out to the main menu one time and saw my save was up to date. Closed the game, opened the uplay directory to discover that after closing the game, my save file did not update .