View Full Version : AC IV: BF (PC) "The DLC pack you have unlocked is not installed on your computer."

12-01-2013, 09:28 PM
I have bought all the DLC packs from Green Man Gaming website and redeemed the codes in Uplay and they were accepted and installed, but the first time I runned the game I got this message "The DLC pack you have unlocked is not installed on your computer. You have to run DLC installation to access new content.". Now I didn't get the packs and also whenever I start the game again I don't get this message again. Also, whenever I "verify files", it downloads 8 mb of data "the DLCs I guess", then once I started the game, it goes "AC4BFSP has stopped working" and when I start the game once again; the game works but the 8 mb that I downloaded will be lost, which are the DLCs. Also, Everytime I restart the game I get the ULC of Altaiir, Ezio and Connor skins all over again like it's not getting saved on my account.

p.s. and yes I posted it here because I keep getting "You must select a thread prefix." for no reason ...

12-02-2013, 12:39 PM
Verify files? Sounds like Steam. And you got DLC from another source? What did you expect? Steam will never recognise this DLC and will never download related files.