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12-01-2013, 09:20 AM
there is 2 additional quests in this as we know, first is to kill 4 guards in one streak and other is to use blowpipe on 10 guards(no matter which kind of darts used)

my problem here is that what it means to kill 4 guards in a row, i was in normal fight with 4 guards and killed them without taking damage but that didnt count (even in walkthrough it worked) well after that i used 4 sleeping darts and used them on 4 guards and kicked them to death like savage and that didnt count either. After that i found another 4 guy squad and used smoke bomb and stabbed everybody and nope, did not count

so what the hell im doing wrong, i even killed 18 guards without taking damage because standing still and pressing E+left mousebutton is not that hard in general but it just wont count it - only thing i can think of is that game hates me, so far i have been stuck on crouching on flat ground dozens of times and getting hit because he wants to drop off but since there is no ledge he cant and enemy can just come and make free hit. I also love how it is hard to fight at ship when the game says you are not in combat even there is 20 enemies around you and all he can do jerk off like ******ed cupcake. I have even died few times because of it wont lock to anybody even they would be right next of you and showing big red E saying you could do counterattack soon but all this guy just puts his swords away and wonders if he should go buy coconuts for his drink

also sometimes it seems that some of the guards are ninjas - you can see the red pointer on the map telling there is somebody but when you get close there is nobody at all. Only when you go hug the red mark or walk past it the guard appears from nowhere and sees you, its lovely on quests where you need to sneak and nobody can see you but you cant kill that guard or even put him sleep because he is not there. I tried to shoot where the red mark was, thinking is it only visual bug but the guard is not there until you go really close

this also seems to happen on ship captains, you use the cannon and shoot the ****er in the face but he just eats the ball like pacman and wont die. This is even worse because you can even see him getting hit from the cannon ball but nothing happens. well thanks for reading this **** that makes me rip my hair off and chew my keyboard because im so frustrated

oh also how come there is always raining at Caribbean Sea even when at south, i mean i know there is hurricanes at summer, usually up north but even at south there is giant spouts and waves all around and it seems never ending, my own record was 12 giant waves while i tried to take Charlotte fortress

so my conclusion is that everybody is against you, great white sharks are swarming, nature flips the finger and running with edward is like lottery, sometimes it does what you want, most of the times not

12-01-2013, 11:54 AM
well i found another one, Sequence 8 memory 2 when you need to use the defence cannons to destroy enemy ship and i did just that - fortress mortars took enemy ship down and did the game count it? OF COURSE NOT like what the **** is this why make quests that you cannot even ****ing do if 7 moons are not in the line, who i need to kill irl to make the game count it?

12-28-2013, 03:37 AM
I am having the same problem. I have a ps3 and I have kill about 10 guards in a row without taking damage and it won't trigger my kill streak beyond frustrating. Has could anyone help?

12-28-2013, 04:01 AM
A streak isn't just consecutive kills while remaining undamaged, a streak is triggered by a combo move, and there will often be a special animation for it. It's also specifically a fluid melee attack chaining kills together, so you can't use tools. Think of it as a fencing drill. For instance once in a while if two guards attack simultaneously, if you counter while both their attack icons are visible, there will be an animation where Edward takes them out one after the other automatically. So get the streak started properly with a counter/kill combo (doesn't have to be two guards simultaneously like I exampled), then continue the streak by quickly using direction (W,A,S,D or stick) toward the next enemy with fluid attacks one after the other. They chain more fluently and powerfully as each one accumulates. You CAN have it interrupted by having to counter an attack, but not by being struck or missing a kill.

Just a tip that you may not be aware of, avoid trying kill streaks on groups containing Agiles, Brutes or Captains. They should all be just regular troops with swords.

12-29-2013, 04:43 PM
There is a very easy way to get this killstreak. I will agree with you though, it took me forever to figure out, and it's still a complete PITA.

First, you will need the best pistols. At this point in the game, if you've done a few side quests, I'm guessing you either have enough to buy, or already have them. At any rate, get some cash if you need, and buy the best pistols.

Next, you will need the best pistol holsters. You need to hold all four pistols. (you see where this is going :) ) You can grind/craft this stuff, but me personally, I have plenty of money, so I just bought the crafting ingredients.

Now, using the pistols counts as a combo. Note that it doesn't work if you use free aim. You need to press F (or Y if you're using a controller), to perform the chain shot combo.

Basically, find a group of four normal guards. The brutes take two shots, and therefore, will make this not work. If you want it to be super easy, throw a smoke-bomb down first, though I found this unnecessary.

Then, just chain shot four guards. They'll be dead as a door-nail, one shot for each. This got me the killstreak. So far the only way I got it too, because apparently slaughtering about 8 guards stunned by a smoke-bomb, does not count. And yeah, I tried my best with the swords to chain a combo, but could never get it to register. Others may have more luck than I on that though.