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12-01-2013, 01:23 AM
I just found bottled message #10 where it says:

"Reaching Jamaica I push'd all idle Thoughts and Fantasies from my Minde and set about finding myself Employment. A Letter from my Mentor, Mr. Davenport, hasten'd my Success"

Another thing I noticed is at the coffee stand in the Abstergo lobby where Shaun works, there's a picture of Monteriggioni hanging above the stand.

Anyone else found any cool little things like this?

12-01-2013, 03:00 AM
If you are wandering around Abstergo on the sixth second of the sixth minute of the sixth hour of the six day of the six month of the sixth year since release, you will be able to find a floating coffee pot. You get to see William Miles talk to the coffee pot. It repeatedly asks him if he wants coffee but William gets really angry and says no but then the thing holding the coffee pot up uncloaks itself to reveal it as Deadmond Miles: augmented super assassin and he beats his dad to death with the coffee pot.

There's also a 101st animus fragment that is not listed or on the map - if you find it you will be treated to a cutscene of the Kenway family: Edward's ghost, kid Haytham, and an older Connor with his children drinking hot chocolate together. and the trailer for the next AC game is also revealed. I won't tell you what location it is, other than that we will be traveling back in time and East! :)

Furthermore, you can sail to the northernmost, westernmost, easternmost, southernmost tip of the map to find a message that says "There are no Easter Eggs here. Go away and get a life."

Also, I performed the third quartermaster glitch and suddenly there's this weird Edward statue that keeps following me around. SixKeys, I'm scared and I don't know what's happening! PLEASE HELP

12-01-2013, 03:21 AM
At the Atocha dive spot, if you swim to the left, into the ship from the Dive Bell, you'll see some tentacles go by. Swim to the window (there will be a starfish to the right of the window) and wait a few seconds, and you'll see a giant squid take down a whale.