View Full Version : Issues - Xbox One

Zarosian Eos
12-01-2013, 12:34 AM
Wouldn't let me post in bug report forum, prefix errors

As the title says I've come across a few bugs/glitches on the Xbox One version of the game

Number One: I am unable to access the fleets in the Jackdaw, it keeps giving me the message Ubisoft server is unavailable, it's been like this since the Xbox One's launch, this means I cannot get the destroyer achievement because the last plan I need for elite fire barrel storage is gained through fleet missions

Number Two: The achievement Master of the Caribbean is unobtainable, I have completed the discovery mode on Wolfpack and it has not unlocked.

Number Three: The game tends to freeze/stick from time to time in single player, it's not that often but it is annoying

Number Four: Not sure if a bug or not but unable to "Share" things to get the Sharing is Caring achievement