View Full Version : Made a video trailer - Ships In Storm - PC (Max Graphics)

11-29-2013, 08:13 AM
Hey guys/girls.

As this game has taken my breath away on just how good it is.. its by far 10x better then any other Assassins Creed game ever made and I rate those even very high.. but this one is insane!! Ubisoft needs to stay in this era more, like with Assassins Creed II. So much to be made better in games to come.. if we could build our ship, or take others.. dear god.

Anyway, I wanted to share my video with you everybody and with Ubisoft.. just to show people that this game is a MUST BUY and I think should be GOTY.. though its neck and neck with GTA V. If they ever are able to make some good end game grind like in action RPG-s to Assassins Creed it would be just bonkers, this is the only thing that bothers me with open world games, after you do all there is you cant really do anything more :P so Multiplayer is what saves those games at the moment.

About the video, its the sea, the weather, the ships! I have never seen so good naval battles in any videogame + on top of that an insanely interesting storyline, sorry, cant but it into words... I have played over 24hours LIVESTREAM-ing this game on Youtube and still only 25% done and half of the map completly undiscovered lol.