View Full Version : AC4: How do I lock onto an enemy and get Edward into a fight?

11-28-2013, 10:36 PM
I'm playing AC4: Black flag and loving it, but there's something about the combat that really bugs me.

Especially while ship boarding, Edward seems confused between Freerunning and actual combat a lot. Many times, I try to wade him into combat and get him to start slashing the guy I run up to, but he doesn't actually draw his swords until enemies start hitting him and he finally realizes that I want him to fight. In other situations, I want him to disengage and interact with the enviroment or climb, but the idiot has his swords drawn because there's an enemy 30 meters away from him that he is obsessed with.

Just ten minutes ago I boarded a Man'O'War, took care of the entire top deck, with the only thing remaining were the two scouts.

I kid you not, I climbed onto the platform, started hitting left mouse button to get edward to engage the scout, but he just stood there unarmed and continued to stand there like a gawking idiot until death. I was pissed off!

So is there like in the older titles, a button where I can lock-onto an enemy and tell Edward the fight is either on or off with a particular opponent?

This is getting to me. I'd like my character to listen.