View Full Version : Why is season pass $29.99 on xbox360 but $19.99 on XboxOne?

11-28-2013, 03:47 PM
Just curious.. why is there a difference in price for the exact same thing?

11-28-2013, 03:53 PM
If it's $29.99, it's certainly a mistake.

11-28-2013, 04:34 PM
What should be real price be 19.99 or 29.99

11-29-2013, 11:33 AM
Well.. i have no idea now.. i realised some things about it.. My brother, on his xbox one, it says USD19.99 and for me it's $29.99, i'm in australia..

And now i'm unsure whether this is specifically a AC4 on two diff gen consoles or if it's due to microsoft switching from microsoft points to use local currency (supposedly to make it easier for people to work out.. and a sales tax)

But the Australian dollar is pretty strong, and close to the USD, so there's no way the conversion would consuume an extra $10.

So now it makes me wonder if this entire microsoft currency system is just to rip off other countries by charging more. afterall.. in aus we already get suckered into paying $100 for standard edition games on release.. and it's cheaper in US.. wondering if they started doing local currency to do that then cause it's easier to notice something costs 3000 microsoft points in one place, and 1000 points to another..

Because i also believe my brother ordered his xbox one from the online store.. so possibly got one zoned in for the US?

Anyone here perhaps have more knowledge on this subject? Also.. if maybe someone in Canada or US can perhaps help me test on a xbox 360, what prices they see for games on marketplace like.. Farcry 3 blood dragon or even if they know of an item which originally cost like 60 or 80 microsoft points before the points-to-currency conversion for me to compare