View Full Version : Academy Faction not good or?

11-28-2013, 08:50 AM

I'm fluctuating around 600 ELO and started to play an academy deck (Bought an FW box for the wildcards) But it seems it's only me who plays an academy deck around this ELO level. Is it because people doesn't have enough cards for it yet or it is simply not good enough?

I also noticed that many achievement that exist for other factions aren't implemented for Academy (like win 30 duels etc.)

Is Academy faction is a stillborn?

I was considering buying the new dual FW promo box. Should I reconsider? My initial deck is necro by the way


11-28-2013, 09:00 AM
i go up to 600 elo then i lower my elo lol. I dont see much academy either but i play it all the time. I usually beat everyone in my elo. The only problem is arianna is mostly favored on our elo (cheap *** counter stackings) , and most of them carry atleast 2 dispel magic so i can play some mind games to make them use it all up. rush deck such as inferno, stronghold, sanctuary, and necro card ( some players did some amazing rush plays) are common.

Get use to academy, they are powerful.

11-28-2013, 10:02 AM
I'm mostly playing with academy and I have just recently reached 1k elo.

op want to post your deck? so it is easier to help out.

11-28-2013, 10:33 AM
Academy is not underpowered, it has some good and viable strategys. The thing is that the decks are mostly slow (no rush decks) and are pretty expensive to create.
In addition, it is the newest expansion so the people got the fewest cards from it, compared to other expansions.
Above 1000 ELO you will see more Academy, although every other faction is still represented more often.

11-28-2013, 10:52 AM
I guess the main reason why people in the 0-1000 ELO area aren't usually playing Academy, is that FW boosters are only purchasable by Seals.
I'm currently at around 1300 ELO and finished multiple Jackpots (JP) in Tier 2 and won several Swisses with different Academy Decks.
I got the feeling that Academy is very strong in lower ELO brackets (< 1000 ELO), if you just play Gazal, Herald of the Void (He is part of the preset Herald's Call Deck).
In higher to top ELO levels however, where the gameplay is being dominated by Rush and Stall Decks, Academy starts to get some serious problems.
Thx to their generally bad creature pool, Aca can only play either Mill or Control Decks.
Control Decks are highly susceptible to Rush Decks and Mill Decks on the other Hand can be easily shut down by "Strength of the Seas" and Dispels.
Both also usually fall victim to Haven Fortune Decks.
The current "balance" of power among the factions in high ELO looks like:
Haven > Sanctuary > Stronghold > Academy > Inferno > Necro
But one have to say that this is a "current" state. So as soon as the next expansion has being released, things can change easily.
Therefore it doesn't really matter which faction you are playing, because:
- Every faction can easily make it over 1000 ELO, if you get the right cards and experience
- Every Addon shifts the Meta Game to a point where a new faction can become the new favourite

So just take a look at some replays, guides and Decks and try to get an idea how you can take the most out of your faction. ;)