View Full Version : Dear Ubisoft: For all the love you bear ACIII

11-27-2013, 10:45 PM
I love the setting and idea of AC III. I love the atmosphere and the environment. I just wish that the AI routines were more in line with AC Black Flag.

You guys have improved the stealth mechanics pretty dramatically in my opinion in black flag, (still a ways to go to be a true stealth game like Splinter Cell or The Last of Us, but it is the best stealth in an AC game!) with the way evasion works, and how not every guard in town is alerted if you are spotted for a second. Stealth is a viable and fun option in black flag. I so wish that you could make ACIII more like this!

When you guys release the inevitable "All of AC collection" or "Game of the Year Edition" containing all past AC's it would be great if you could change the AI in AC III to be like AC IV.

If you did that you would bring new life into ACIII, and I think many fans would love to jump in to ACIII with updated AI.

And please put some more baddies in the frontier! That playground is awesome, but there just isn't enough to do there!

ACIII is a good game, but with these small improvements it could be a great game like ACIV. I know you guys must love ACIII, as you worked on it for three years +. Please give it a little TLC to bring it up to snuff. Please don't let it stay broken in the stealth department!

Thanks for reading! (pardon my armchair game developer ways)