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11-27-2013, 09:57 PM
Hey everyone!

I have an idea for a clan, which uses the in-game lore and the ingenious way that the game's producers have set it up, in relation to the real world.

As a pc-gamer, and general D&D geek, most of the games I've played have had elements of Roleplay in them. Because of this, it was easy to turn them into games where D&D style roleplay was able to be had. AC4, and AC in general, seemed to lack that ability. However, since playing Black Flag a little more, it seems to me that the way the producers have set up the game/lore within the game actually does lend itself to some styles of roleplay.

I am currently working on a clan-site, to be able to house people interested. The idea is to take the approach of being Abstergo Entertainment's employees. Each player has a multiplayer ancestor associated to their "DNA". We make up a Wolfpack, and play multiplayer together. With the Assassin's Creed Initiates site getting streamlined, there is always an over-arching sense of gaining more awareness as to our company's doings, and the idea of the observatory being so important, that multiple people are put on the Kenway Project, is not that far-fetched. (What with the community chests, etc)

So, who would be interested in being part of a clan "working" for Abstergo (in the AC universe)?