View Full Version : Dear Mods - Ref. Collector's Edition Soundtrack Issues

Strigis Nox
11-26-2013, 06:03 PM
All of the below tracks have playback examples on amazon.com and are missing from the soundtrack CD included with the Collectorís Edition. Iíve gone through and verified that although incorrectly marked, the first 20 tracks on the CD match the first 20 tracks on Amazon.com and I-Tunes so those of us that bought the collectorís edition have been shorted by 14 tracks from the original score but have 7 sea shantys tossed onto the end of the CD. Maybe offering the below tracks as a digital download would be an easy way to remedy this problem.

The British Empire
Batten Down The Hatches
A Merry Life And A Short One
Queen Anneís Revenge
Prizes Plunder And Adventure
Meet The Sage
Into The Jungle
The Spanish Empire
The Islands Of The West Indies
Ships Of Legend
Secrets Of The Maya
Life At Sea

11-26-2013, 08:46 PM

The sound track CD in the Collectors Editions - is complete as intended for the collectors editions - however some venders may such as iTunes - have a 'complete' edition - which has a much bigger track list.

I can only suggest if you wish to have the entire soundtrack, you can purchase any of the others, on iTunes on a song by song basis.