View Full Version : How do I report minor graphics bugs/glitches?

11-26-2013, 01:07 PM
They're minor, in that they don't affect gameplay much (if at all).

I know they're glitched/bugged and not working as intended because I own the 360 version too, and it's not like that on the 360 version.

1) When he uses his sword to dig up Mayan Keystones, Edward's sword switches to the default lowest-leveled sword for the cutscene. On the 360's version, he uses whatever sword he actually has equipped, e.g., Scottish broadswords, Officer's Rapiers.

2) Several outfits have rendering issues such as the Shark Hunter (I think it's called that) outfit in the cutscene where Edward is talking to Anne in Nassau -- the portions of the entire outfit disappear, making Edward look half naked sometimes.

Same problem with Captain Morgan's Reddingote gloves -- it looks as if they're tattered and they blink in and out of existence.