View Full Version : Abstergo messages.

11-26-2013, 01:06 PM
I was at the part where I'm in an office waiting to talk to a guy who summoned me from the animus and I was looking at the screens and wonder what the message was hiding in abstergo entertainment news ;)

I only got an outline but (I'm sure someone will get it all right) it says something like...

On the road to the awards some notable detours and wrecks have happened

zombie-based (something) are stumbling to the finishing line

while ninjas and cowboys are failing. Perhaps pirates will come from behind for a surprise victory

At first "on the road...." I thought it was something to do with Jack Kerouac..... but now I think it is something about game awards :D and in that case which games are being (not) mentioned ? cowboys ? call of juarez ?