View Full Version : Terrible Ship Boarding Gameplay

11-26-2013, 09:04 AM
Is it me or is ship boarding combat in this game quite terrible?

1. Swivel gun has bad hit detection. I can fire it at some fist pumping guy three times and he doesn't even flinch. Worse still, the swivel gun is almost useless when boarding a man-of-war.
2. Counter doesn't always work. I can hit the counter button when it appears but it doesn't always register. Enemies lunge in from outside your view and it is impossible to see the counter indicator. The counter indicator doesn't even appear sometimes.
3. Teammates get in the way. Teammates frequently interrupt my combos, shove me or block me from dodging the brutes with axes and those guys deal a ton of damage.
4. Cheap way to kill enemies. If enemies are against a hard surface (say the cargo storage crates), Edward would execute this flying knee kick that kills off enemies in one hit. Feels a bit cheap to me especially all the effort to time the counters that doesn't always work.
5. Scaling the masts doesn't feel intuitive. I frequently get stuck at the ropes or cannot step off on to the horizontal struts when its just next to me. I have to literally climb to the upper platform just to make a big leap to the struts below. And I hate that slight pause when climbing. I'm sure its more realistic that Edward's gotta regain his grip after making a big leap but the pause feels too long and disrupts the fluidity of the gameplay. But I have to say that jumping from the enemies mast to the Jackdaw's mast and back is really cool.
6. Random ship boarding goals. Sometimes I have no choice but to blow up a powder keg killing three of my teammates in the process because I cannot take the ship without doing so. It would be better off if they gave us the choice to carry out any three tasks to take the ship.
7. It gets tedious after a while especially if you have to grind through several frigates and man of wars just to upgrade your ship. I've resorted to just ramming incapacitated ships even if it means half the yield.
8. This is not directly relevant but there's a bug where ship boarding sometimes does not replenish heavy shot or mortars even though it says you looted 'x' amount of heavy shot/mortars.

Land combat feels a lot better than ship boarding combat. I'm using the basic sword and pistol sets so maybe things will get better if I upgrade? I don't know. Just saying that it takes some shine off AC4 especially with their excellent naval combat and wave physics. I hate to survive some level 4 hunters + 2 man of wars + 2 frigates clusterf**k just to get killed by some random enemy sailor during boarding because my counter wasn't registered or that I was blocked by some teammate.