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11-25-2013, 10:44 AM

I'm agitated, I've never had such a bad experience through a client. I've used multiple clients such as the likes of steam, origin etc. Activated products are instantly available and show up. I wish I figured to activate through Steam instead of Uplay to prevent this crappy customer experience. Now I'm forced to wait rumoured to take weeks long support through delayed tickets, which will probably lead to questions regarding cd key, providing images etc etc delaying it even more before I can actually play.

Seriously, what is this crap. I bought AC4 in a good mood ready to give it a go right now on my Sunday eve. Ofcourse I had to go through Uplay instead of Steam and now I'm pretty damned. Thanks a lot for the splendid experience Ubisoft. Very very good, truly splendid. Why why why why why oh why oh why why why did I activate through Uplay and not Steam, I regret this so much. I should have activated through Steam, all my games are on there. I'm so bloody stupid. Smack me with a baseball bat I can't stand myself.

WARNING TO ALL: If u bought AC4 elsewhere (not directly from uplay) ACTIVATE IN STEAM, SAVE YOURSELF. But considering you're reading this probably means you're in the same crap already.

Give me a new key if I show you a proof of my purchased product so I can activate through Steam instead and be done with this mess? I think that's not so much to ask for this is inexcusable for a company large as Ubisoft.


4 hours have passed since activating my product key for AC4 IV: Special Edition. At the same moment I created a ticket for the Technical Support and this topic. I have the biggest regret of using my activation code on Uplay instead of Steam. I bought it from a third party webshop for a neat price. I could have activated it through Steam and have had 4 hours of joy playing the game already. But this is not the case, I was stupid and didn't immediately think of Steam to activate with.

I find this ridiculous. Imagine buying a game at your local gamestore. After you've made the payment at the registry the shopkeeper won't hand over your newly purchased game, despite you have just paid for access and ownership to it. This is how I feel right now, I feel ripped off, cheated on, abused of my rights as a customer. I paid for the ownership and access to my game. But Uplay is keeping the game back from me. God knows how many days will pass before I can actually play now.

I will keep updating this to highlight my concerns regarding Ubisoft's Uplay services. I'm an avid gamer, have been so since a very young age. Especially PC gaming has always been a great share of my hours spent gaming. I've never gone through something like this. Even low visited webstores supply faster than Uplay activates already purchased games by customers, for them to access and consume.

I wish I had googled before using the Uplay service to activate my product key. There's a lot of bad news on Uplay all over google, see for yourself or have a glimpse by browsing the first few pages of this forum.

My wish as a customer, which probably won't be fulfilled. Is to receive a new product key for the AC:IV Special Edition. Give me the option to stray away from your terrible Uplay services and allow me to activate through Steam which I should have in the first place if I knew about this disastrous service from Ubisoft.

Caution to everyone else planning to make use of the Uplay client, to buy or activate games. You will stumble upon a lot of misery, and your gaming will be delayed. You'll be left empty handed after paying and your patience will be put to the test. Nowhere else is this the case, everywhere else you pay - you get it, instant, but not here at Uplay.
The customer service is also as bad as it gets. On average it takes 2-3 workdays to a week for a response. Sometimes even greater. And the procedure of technical support is tedious and slow. They will bring automated responses and terrible feedback. Where as one call to Blizzard for example could have fixed any issue regarding your WoW account within 5 minutes (excluding on hold wait time) here it will take you a couple of e-mails. Keep in mind, each separate e-mail will once again take 2-3 workdays to a week if not longer. They do not give priority to cases that are under investigation already. So if something like this occurs to you, expect a long wait before you can get your hands on what you paid for and make good use of it.

Ubisoft, customer service is ESSENTIAL to any type of business.

Be wary, you have been warned. I do not wish this to happen to anybody else. Stick to Steam. You've been warned.


14 hours have passed by now. Outrageous, all I'm waiting for is a serial key activation to come through. Still no word from Ubisoft.

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Please PM me your support ticket number and I will get someone to contact you.

Support can take unto 48 hours to reply, however if it's been longer than that, please do send me your ticket reference via PM. - you can PM me by clicking my name.