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11-25-2013, 01:48 AM
So this is has been bugging me and I was wondering if anyone knew the symbols that are tattooed on Edwards left forearm. I thought they might have been Aztec symbols but I've had no such luck in finding what they mean. Thanks to anyone who can help!


11-25-2013, 03:22 AM
Looks like the sun and the moon so likely just astrological tattoos. Sailors did use the stars to navigate. He'd have no reason to have anything Mayan at that point in the story. Possible they're explained in the book since that's supposed to be a prequel to AC4. That'll be out early next month. No idea what the bars mean but possibly just decoration to fill in the space between the sun and the moon. Something like that makes me think it's acupuncture related, but doubt that Edward would've had any done. Chinese were in the area at the time so not unlikely that it'd be available but still. Could mean a number of things. Maybe Edward broke his arm and the lines mark where the break was. Maybe it's a count of the number of ships he was on up to that point. It's not the number of years since he left Caroline since there's too many. Maybe it's the mark of how many times he's been promoted. Possible he started as a deckhand swabbing decks and moved up to cannoneer with the odd stint as a helmsman and did something else as well before he became captain. People can mark a lot of things with tattoos. No idea why he'd have the sun and the moon specifically. Maybe one means himself and the other Caroline? A light in the darkness? He does state in one of his flashbacks of Caroline he needed her faith. She was what motivated him to become a pirate so he could support her and let her live like a queen.

Sometimes tattoos have no meaning and they're just there because the person thought they looked good. :p Certainly true for a lot of tattoos today. Lot of his tattoos do seem naval related although he does have one of Caroline on his other arm. Makes you wonder what his second wife Tessa thought of that one. O.o Makes you wonder if she always thought she was playing second fiddle to Caroline because of it.

11-25-2013, 06:25 AM
Yeah they definitely appear to be nautical symbols of some sort and the lines are most likely just decorative, I'm sure the design as a whole could be interpreted in many different ways! I'm thinking of getting some similar nautical tattoos myself, just because of my heritage, but when I saw these particular designs it intrigued me to what they meant (if anything at all). Thanks for your help friend!

11-25-2013, 12:07 PM
I'm pretty sure, however I may be wrong, that British Privateers and members of the Royal Navy were forced to get tattoos so they could be easily identified if they were to abandon ship.