View Full Version : How To Destroy The Dama Negra(Legendary Spanish Ship)

11-25-2013, 12:23 AM
Hi guys,i made a video to show you guys how to destryo the Dama Negra,even with a non-fully upgraded ship, where to hit it,how to avoid mortars and how to manage the wind,but if you don't want to watch the video iwrite it here also.
The First and most important thing is to avoid mortars,when you hear the sound of the mortars,you have to change direction or stop(if wind is in your direction just stopping the boat might not be enogh to avoid it,and the cooldown is very low so you have little time to aim your shots.
When deciding where to shoot you are forced to shoot the back of the ship,on the sides and on the front it's invurnerable,so it will come down to chasing the ship, while avoiding mortars(be carefull sometimes the mortars shoot in 2 directions,not sure if intended or a bug) and aiming very fast,because if you sit too long aiming while your ship is going slow, the mortar will shoot you directly in your ship and you won't have time to react,unless wind is in your favor.
Once you get closer the ship will shoot fire cannon balls that are deadly,to avoid them take in consideration the fact that if you are parallel to the ship you must sometimes stop completely or move very fast(you know where the ships aim when using the cannons,but you don't know when it uses the mortars).
In this video i barely make it,but it makes it more fun and more rewarding xD


11-25-2013, 11:46 AM
Nice man I actually just got that bad boy tonight aswell ;)