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11-24-2013, 05:54 PM
So reading everyone posting about poor optimization without really posting any specific data, I decided to conduct a little test of my own. I used Fraps to benchmark about ten minutes of naval game play where I battled a frigate and took it during a storm. The second benchmark test was on land where I did a bar brawl and an assassination contract.

Even with the low average FPS the game is running smoothly and looks awesome, I am really enjoying it.
Any one do a similar test? post your results!

Graphics settings:
resolution: 1920x1080 60Hz
Environment quality: very high
texture quality: high
Anti-aliasing quality: EQAA 2x(4x)
shadow quality: very high
reflection quality: high
motion blur: on
ambient occlusion: HBAO+ (low)
god rays (low)
volumetric fog: on
vsync: on

First test on water
min fps: 29
max fps: 61
average fps: 37.494

Second test on land:
min fps:28
max fps:61
average fps:36.253

PC specs:
CPU: I7-3770K 3ivory bridge
Sapphire HD7950 3GB
16GB G. Skill sniper DDR 3
Win 7 pro