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11-23-2013, 08:37 PM
one thing i loved about ac3 was the fact that the "ultimate" armor wasnt an armor it was an item we found and carried on our character leaving us the option of changing clothes for pure cosmetic purposes alone.

this was something that went in a different direction to previous ac titles where you were forced into an armor you may not have liked to get the extra perks of said ultimate armor.

in ac4 we have a vast array of armors that give our character different perks and bonuses my question is why with so many beautiful armor sets is the player confined into one he or she may not like because of the high value of the perk?

i play on a ps4 and im not sure if this is the same for all consoles that play the game but i have to say one of the biggest things i love is the physics on the default robes, even the cloaks have them but the "ultimate" armors , uplay and DLC outfits lack these physics and seem more of a last thought as per usual , it takes away from me the desire to wear these which is frustrating in itself considering i worked hard to unlock them.

id really like to see the dev team work something in future titles akin to ac3 where i get different items for perks, and just so i cant godmode the game give me a menu so i can pick which item i want to equip on my character at my hideout or whatever like i can with my weapons. id like my clothing to be a personal choice not something to give me an edge in gameplay, especially when i come across the mayan armor which as lovely as it is lacks physics in the lower half of it and doesnt fit within the fact that the main character swims in the ocean , i mean cmon metal? seems like this would make for a difficult time in water.

11-24-2013, 07:53 AM
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