View Full Version : Every Antialiasing Setting has FXAA active.

11-23-2013, 01:34 PM
Even thought the game has a lot of antialiasing settings, every single one of them has FXAA in adittion to MSAA and other modes.
If I choose MSAAx4, the effect produced should be MSAAx4 and not MSAAx4 + FXAA. Because of this, if I want antialising active, the game will be blurred, which I hate.
This is unacceptable. There isn't a single antialiasing option that doesn't have FXAA, which means the game is always blurred, except when you have AA Off.

Instead, Ubisoft applies FXAA in addition to MSAA and CSAA, minimizing edge aliasing and transparency aliasing (...).
Source: Geforce Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Graphics & Performance Guide

On antialiasing settings we should be able to choose:
MSAAx2 (without FXAA of course)
MSAAx4 (without FXAA of course)

Please fix this, it's an easy thing to change that makes a lot of difference.