View Full Version : Texture,Sound and Bugs !

11-23-2013, 05:55 AM
I'll start by Texture, I've encounter a bug that annoys me greatly in the cinematic the characters eyes change color constantly and I mean the full eyes not just the iris as the conversation goes the eyes change from shiny blue to red to yellow, purple and more so yeah immersion breaking. As for sound ... well in the most epic naval battles the cannons don't sound at all, close shot , mortal fire and environmental pirate sound as in the whole yeah kill aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa they make when fighting so all u hear is the music and the wind and Edward say fire so yeah again immersion breaking. As for bugs well my ship when fast traveling falls from the sky as if fast traveling means the ship flies and drops, death follows or u appear in port and there's a huge hole in the water and the ship emerges from underneath ,this has happened to me in Edward Cove. So can anyone tell me how to fix if its fixable or if its a bug that needs patch and thank for the help. Sorry for the bad English not my main language.