View Full Version : Players still hacking AC Multiplayer 2010-Present. Why still no Ffx?

11-22-2013, 10:55 PM
Just to let you all old and new players on AC to know/remind that AC multiplayer is still constantly being hacked by players who abuse the game. These have always been the the result of what caused the exact same issues that all AC multiplayers have in common, such as game freezing in loading screens, character selection, infinite ability use(cooldowns removed), teleportion to anywhere in map(this is not the teleport ability thats in the game), walking through tripe and smoke bombs(without the use of the shield ability), shoot through walls, ignore shields, and making targets spawn directly in front of the hunter for infinite free kills, and kicking players out of sessions if they play good. Players have been asking for years why has this been ongoing and never stopped. They got never got their answer. Anyway, im just reminding you old players and help you new players to be aware of this so you can try to have a more safe online play.