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11-22-2013, 09:34 PM
Fellow Gamers / Ubisoft,

I've been struggling with the , by now, wel known v-sync issue. I even made a technical support ticket about it. Can someone explain me 2 things:

* Why do I recieve a standard reply stating they need my DXDIAG etc while everyone knows it's a simple problem. The game does not have an tripple buffering option so V-sync will set the FPS to 60 or 30. You don't need any info from me !! Just make sure your games works like......well.....every other game ^^

* Why are gaming companys this ignorant nowadays ? They don't care about customers ? (for example the article stating "pc optimization isn't needed"). Or just lie ? as seen in the article about "how good AC4 works on pc".... It doenst :S

There is a very clear problem. Your customers point it out and ask for help, but what do you do ? ..........you ignore them....not even a single statement, a patch promise. No we have to play without V-sync and experience extreme tearing, play with it and deal with the constant switching betwee 30 and 60 FPS. Or, and this to me is the best part, use 3rd party software to FIX your game ?!

Even the last part doens't seem to bother them. 3rd Party software can fix the damn problem.....yet they refuse to acknowlegde there is a problem at all ....

Any insides would be appreciated Ubisoft !!

11-22-2013, 09:59 PM
they need the DXDIAG info because it has information such as drivers and versions, along with other hardware information to help them locate the cause / pattern (IE only people with drivers that support sharder 4.4.7 have the Vsync issue as a really out of my but example)