View Full Version : Received an update for ACIV this morning. Any changelog?

11-22-2013, 03:59 PM

11-22-2013, 04:09 PM
Hello Assassins,
Here's the latest patchnote, with all the details regarding the issues that are fixed with the implementation of the Title Update 2.

The patch will be active this week on all next-gen platforms, and next week for all current-gen platforms & PC.

Fixed the approach meter under Timephase effect. We fixed a bug that made the approach meter disappear when contested while being affected by a Time Phase
Fixed the Booby Trap activation time
Fixed a bug that made some players invisible (only to themselves) after using the Teleport ability
Fixed the Bodyguard ability. In Wolfpack, the bodyguard had an unexpected activation delay when used by an archetype.
Fixed ability sets issues in Manhunt: reversed offense/defense sets are now working properly

Fixed the HUD display while in cinematic mode.
Fixed HUD FX when using Sabotage and Wipe abilities.
The social contest button is now hidden when playing in private session.
Contracts are now displayed correctly for all the targets during the Training Sessionsl
Condition boxes have been fixed: Unlocked condition box are now displayed checked when the corresponding item is unlocked

Fixed the menus where some buttons were not displayed
Fixed the Ability Sets menu display
Fixed the Events and Costume pages menus

Voice Chat improvements
Fixed the Terms of Service for Japanese PSN accounts.
Fixed crashing issues in the Game Lab and in Deathmatch Mode.
Fixed freeze issue in Assassinate mode
Fixed the issue that occured if you received a new abstergo grade and went to the SP Menu.
Fixed the situation where the user did not receive Abstergo credits after liberating 500 slaves in single player
Extra objectives are now properly rewarded in Wolfpack
Fixed the extra time target appearance in Wolfpack Game Mode