View Full Version : Suggestions for a future patch or DLC

11-22-2013, 01:19 PM
I've been playing AC IV for a while and I have notice a few things that I didn't like. First of all, I have to say that i love this game and I think that Black Flag is not another Assassins Creed, it's in fact one of the best games I've played for a long time. This are my suggestions for improve the game, hope some developer read this post and take notice of this:

1/Most of the cheats don't give you any advantage over your enemies (especially the non-regenerating health cheat), so it would be a good change to let the player save the game while this cheats are enabled. Or at least, give us the option of save our games with the non-regenerating health enabled.

2/The guards dont react quickly enough to the gunshots if you are hide in a bush or if you are up a tall building (try to shoot up the mast with the musquet). I have killed all the guards doing headshots hide in a bush without nobody notice.

3/Make more single player DLCs and less of the multiplayer.

4/Talking about the multiplayer: it would be awesome if Ubi add more options to the GameLab. Option that affect to the map (like change the place of the conquest areas of Domination mode, edit the number of this conquest areas, add perks that you can place around the map that players can catch...), or options that modifiy the mode that you are editing (like make the Domination or Assault to the Artifact free for all, or establish teams in Wanted). Also it would be great to edit the aim system of the ranged habilities (manual shooting).

5/Add (during the next months until the release of AC V), more weapons, guns or outfits which can be unlock by doing community challenges. Also, Ubi should increase the Caribbean with more towns, islands, secondary missions, minigames and forts in a future patch or DLC (maybe in Freedom Cry?).

6/Add more customizations options of the Jackdaw (like the possibility of change the color of the ship).

7/Nerf the guns. Its understandable that the Pirate Blunderbusses (as well as others powerfuls pistols) kill the basic guards in one shot. But killing a guard with one shot in the hand or feet using the Common Flintlock Pistols is ridiculous. Nerf the range, increase the reload time, and give us the option to incapacitate guards by shooting to the arms and legs.

8/More crafteable outfits!!

9/Give us the options tu enable/disable the weapons and the number of guns and swords. Some of the outfits look bad with four pistols, two swords and the blowpipe. Also, i would like to use one sword.