View Full Version : Keyboards and controllers issue

11-22-2013, 04:31 AM
There are now many discussions and answers re mapping keys to keyboards, using or not using controllers, however there are others out here who use both in a different way to what may be normal. WASD keys are very basic, and un-natural to my hand. Controllers have the movement part worked out, but cannot in any circumstance out gun a simple mouse, solution is to use controller as wasd, using xpadder, assigning a few high priority keys to left hand side of controller, ie space/jump, ctrl/down, "use" keys etc, mouse with added keys for the rest, works a treat. I never use the right hand buttons on controller at all, "looking' using small joy is a joke, aiming even more...
So, we come to the ****ty bit, if one deletes all references to all other instances of controllers and other inputs, 2nd, disable controller before starting game, enable after game started, the game appears to have been hardwired to see controller and rewrites game ini file thereby stuffing use of xpadder, ie if you touch any button on controller it deactivates all keyboard input until controller buttons have ceased, so either a controller with no remapping unless many hours finding codes etc, or keyboard only, unplugging or disabling controller. It is abysmal programming, lazy or just dumb that the simple option that most games provide is missing, let us decide what we want to use without having to disable/remove hardware to do so..options should be options for me the user to decide...
Please address this, it has been referenced many times in the past and still no effort has been made to do a simple thing..