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11-21-2013, 07:08 PM
I know tat some time will pass until we get Sylvan, 2-3 expansions, I just want to know if my idea is OK, or uninteresting/imbalanced or whatever else.

I think Sylvan should be divided in several parts, like: The elves themself having Phased to represent their guerilla tactics and their treants/Pixies being blockers.

Here are my first ideas:

Blade Dancer

Creature - Melee

1/1 1/0/3

I.t.R., Phased

Elven Hunter

Creture - Shooter

2/2 1/04

I.t.R., Phsed,
Double Attack


Creature - Flying

1/1 1/0/1

When Pixie enters
the battleground,
deploy a copy for free


Creature - Melee

3/3 0/3/7

Cannot attack, all creatures
the row get anchored

Wind Dancer

Creature - Melee

3/3 3/0/5

Phased, I.t.R.
Sweep Attack
(Yes I know it belongs to Inferno, but in H5 Dancers had sth. similar)


Creature - Shooter

4/4/2 1/0/5

I.t.R., Phased
Triple Attack
Ambush 2

The Ranger has got triple att. since Cyclops already have ranged double att., and the Ranger always sends an additional arrow!

With that coception it is hard to proect oneself in the first few turns, since many units have got either low hp (Pixie), or Phased(Elves).
The Hunters and Rangers have low att. but multiple attacks plus Weeks of training make them pretty strong IMO.
So is it viable/interesting or unplayable/just another boring rush?
Thank you for your attention :)

01-31-2014, 03:16 PM
I think it's beautiful.

I'd like to see the ranger as a lower cost and have double attack instead of triple, even if the cyclops already have double attack. Maybe a unique ranger with triple attack or double-attack and attack anywhere would be neat for the race.

I really do think its beautiful, I hope the Dev's take your suggestions.

=-=-= EDIT ADD =-=-=

What about a creature with phased and swift?

03-20-2014, 07:37 PM
I don't think that would work.Towering is marginal even on blockers, other creatures ain't that strong either.

But for Sylvan, a unique shooter, let's say Eallenae Eagleeye, with 1/0/5 ItR, deathtouch and AA would be really nice.If they'd have a fortune giving a unit double or triple attack until the end of the turn this one would become almost OP.For a unique, I mean.

04-09-2014, 12:40 AM
I like the idea of combining cheap, low health blockers with high health blockers to protect low attack units with multiple attacks.

Easily countered though. Low area damage would destroy the low health blockers, and spells like Wind Shield, Sand Shield, etc. would severely reduce the effectiveness of the shooters.

Still, I can imagine that it could be quite powerful if played properly (such as with a lot of attack/defense creature buffs rather than direct spells).