View Full Version : Save game reverted after frozen

11-21-2013, 01:40 PM
After playing 12 hours, i reached up to a story and it got stuck in the loading screen, had no intention of continuing, so i decided to close it. Nek minnit my save file is reverted back to near the start. Soooooooooo not bothered playing SP now........

11-21-2013, 02:24 PM
I've had a similar problem 3 times now. First time my Pc shut down ( think it got too hot ) and even though it very often tells me saving with the Little yellow dot in the lower right corner, i lost all I had played, had to start over from the start ( was on day 1 ) 2nd time my game got stuck when I looked through the upgrade version, being unable to do anything, i forced the game down, yet Again I lost all Progress I had that session of playing. 3rd time again my pc shut down, it's a bit wierd it will run stuff like BF3 + 4 without a problem, but something in AC4 make it shut down. Again I lost all Progress.

Is there really no other way to "force" a safe then regular quit your game, so cloud get it right incase of accidents? I know steam will tell if you files on your PC is newer then the uploaded as will ask if you want to use pc files or uploaded and sync from there, is there no such option in Uplay?

Getting rather tired of almost 8 hours Progress now being lost, having to redo it all again.

Other then that my game run smooth and I have not had a single problem with lag, bad fps or anything