View Full Version : AC BlackFlag Problems with TWITCH Broadcasting.

11-21-2013, 12:55 PM
Hi goodday.

I dont know if im on the right place to post this. my bad if it is.
But i've found some problems regarding twitch tv, while i was broadcasting i submitted a Ticket about it but ubi isnt responding my ticket.

let me explain the problem:

When i,m going to broadcast from the beginning i see ppl joining my live broadcast. after a couple of minutes like 6-7. it wont go any furder anymore.and the time freezes
and my uplay is also Crashed, so i need to start all over and all process ive done (like : assassin things or Missions and other stuff will be Lost..
my game senq was 4% and after crash it was back at 3%

Anyone Else had these problems or is it just me.

And the other Bug i found is, When u are in the First Town part. there is big chapel (church) if you climb it, there are 2 NPC working on the sideway. if you go furder walking going for the second roof. at the end of the building u will fell true the wall on the ground and your dead..

And third one (not shure if it is)

But the Spawning of the creatures in the second Town Called : Nassau. isnt very fast. and i only see 1 beast walking and 1 rabbit and then need to wait 15-20 minutes.
for the next spawn of only 1 rabbit or 1 boar.

My regards,