View Full Version : Buy thru STEAM Engine or MnM In-game ?

11-21-2013, 12:41 PM
Hello everyone. I'm a new player and I'm planning on getting some packs. But just now I find out that :

If I buy it from STEAM it will cost me $49.99 and I will get a CHAMPIONS PACK and inside it will have
10packs FW, 10packs HOTV, 10packs VR and 10packs Basic Set 01 as it mentioned in the description and additional 23 wild cards.


If I buy it from M&M In-Game shop it will cost me 2399 seals for CHAMPION BOX which is include
10packs Reinforcement, 10packs HOTV and 10packs VR + 15 wild cards. If I want to get a FW box that contains 10packs of FW it will cost me another 1400 seals and will get 7 wild cards. So, the total for this 2 boxes is 3799 seals but if I purchase the $49.99 Seals package I will only get 3200 seals and I will need to add another 600 seals that will cost me more.

So, can anyone give me suggestion which one should I go with or maybe I missed something important that make both packages have it differences.