View Full Version : (multiplayer) game crashes incessantly

11-21-2013, 10:05 AM
Setting aside for a moment the infuriatingly stupid way your game needs to boot up TWICE if a person wants to play multiplayer, setting aside the hellish ordeal I went through trying to get my old ubisoft account back, then giving up and just creating a new one for this game, setting aside the fact that I need a go***ned ubisoft account in the first place in order to play a game which I've already paid you to play...

Your multiplayer. The reason I own all of your Assassin's Creed games, ubisoft. Well, not the first few, but after a few generations of your game, the multiplayer pwned my free time. Your multiplayer took a serious dip in this latest installment. First of all, was your layout inspired by Windows 8? Never start your design process with an already failed product unless you have some truly brilliant ideas. The lobby system has always been annoying because it can't seem to get a game going even when it has all its necessary players, and it has gotten no better in this latest game. On top of that, I cannot play 2 rounds of multiplayer on my computer without it crashing. You want to keep plugging NVidia in your opening sequence? THEN MAKE YOUR GAME WORK ON AN NVIDIA SYSTEM!

Now, I know that you're a company, and all companies are after the same thing. You want our money. And I'm happy to give you my money as long as you can MAKE YOUR GAMES WORK. Please. Or just keep selling us un-optimized junk and prove that you have no idea which system is going to win the console wars: PCs. They've been here longer, they're more customizable, and they're the only system you can play EVERY game on (emulators). Consoles are not the future of gaming, and if you cannot embrace this fact, then Ubisoft is not the future of game-makers. Make your games work on PC.

11-21-2013, 10:12 AM
Oh, and I forgot to mention that every time my game crashes, my changes to the keyboard configuration for multiplayer resets. Why are you incapable of saving my keyboard configuration to my SSD?